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Performing with Mt. SAC students at Orch

Laura is the adjunct professor of clarinet at Mt. San Antonio College. You can take clarinet lessons at Mt. SAC as part of your Associate of Arts degree, or while pursuing a non-music major. Laura teaches the clarinet studio, conducts the clarinet choir, and co-teaches the MUS 16 woodwind masterclass with Professor Karin Fabiero. Laura's students have successfully transferred as music majors to four-year universities, such as California State University, Fullerton.

For more information on the Music Department at Mt. SAC, please click here. If you are interested in lessons, or have questions, please contact Laura here!

Mt. SAC WE @ Chicago Symphony Hall.jpg

Chicago Symphony Center

The Mt. SAC Wind Ensemble traveled to Chicago in 2016, to perform at the Chicago Symphony Center, perform in clinics, hear the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and sight-see! Laura performed with the Mt. SAC Wind Ensemble, along with several other Mt. SAC music professors, for Frank Ticheli's Blue Shades in Chicago Symphony Hall. 

Mt. SAC Wind Ensemble performance, by students and faculty, Chicago Symphony Center, 2016

Mt. SAC Woodwind Day

The Mt. SAC Woodwind professors hosted Woodwind Day in 2018 and 2019, which included solo performances from professors, masterclasses for each instrument, chamber music, touring the music department, and a live performance from visiting students alongside Mt. SAC students. 

Mt. SAC WW Day 2018 all students.jpg
Mt. SAC Woodwind Day 2018

Mt. SAC Woodwind Day, 2018

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